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How to Whiten Dirt-Filled Skin on the Neck – 6 Tips that Can Whiten the Neck

There are times when you think your neck is dirty, but actually it is not filthy. What you think of is that dirt on your neck is actually a discoloration that is caused by sun impairment on your skin. It may also be due to wrinkles which resulted from oil and dead skin accumulation. Another contributing factor to dirt-filled skin on your neck is excessive rinsing making natural oils eliminated. This causes dryness and dead surface skin. Maybe, when you exfoliate your face, you disregard exfoliating your neck and you might also overlook to put on moisturizer and put on sunscreen on it. Worry no more. You can whiten dirt-filled skin on the neck through the following.

Whiten Dirt-Filled Skin on the Neck

Whiten Dirt-Filled Skin on the Neck

Tip #1:  Prepare the things needed for whitening.

You should get ready with all the things required for lightening dirt-filled skin on your neck. This includes exfoliating cream or ¼ cup of salt or sugar, soap, hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice, cotton balls, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Tip #2:  Exfoliate the skin.

As soon as you take a bath or shower, try to exfoliate the skin on your neck to get rid of dead as well as dry skin cells and dirt that had build up on that part of your body. You can utilize over-the-counter exfoliating cream or just a handful of salt or sugar which you can mix with one or two drops of liquid soap. This can scour the rear side of your neck and all further parts of the skin like the arms and legs which are most of the time exposed to sunlight, dirt, grease and sweat.

Tip #3:  Lighten your skin tenderly.

You can do this by means of hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice placed on by way of using cotton balls. This type of lightening technique will not give you instant outcome though. You will be able to see the desired effect after several use. The quality of your skin will improve and it will appear cleaner afterwards.

Tip #4: Moisturize.

Make sure to put on moisturizer on your neck few minutes after getting out of the shower, particularly if you exfoliate. Remember that exfoliation can eliminate the natural shielding oil from your skin. Replenish the oil by means of using a moisturizing lotion or cream that should be put on while your skin is still moist. By means of moisturizing your skin while it is still damp, the dirt will be barricaded from entering in your skin.

Tip #5:  Put on sunscreen.

Make sure to put on sunscreen daily not only on your face but your neck as well. You can do the same thing to other parts of your body that are usually exposed to the sun.

Tip #6:  Be sure that you always have with you a moistened handkerchief that is kept in a plastic bag.

Before using it to wipe down sweat, dirt and dry dead skin cells that have accumulated all through the day, you can sprinkle a few amounts of rosewater, orange blossom water or a drop of essential oil on the handkerchief. However, after wiping away your skin, make sure to reapply sunscreen so that it will be protected all day long.

These six tips will help you in the skin whitening process for your neck. You need not spend much just to get this process done. All you need are a few simple concoctions that will help whiten the neck.


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