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How to Whiten Skin Fast – 5 Tips to Achieve Skin Whitening Results in a Short Time

Skin whitening is achieved by bleaching the discolored skin. This is one way to have an even skin tone. Freckles, age spots and scars are reasons why we need to whiten our skin. There are lots of products sold in the market today that promises to whiten skin like bleaching lotion, creams and soaps, and these products will usually require you to use it for several months before you can see the results. These whitening products contain bleaching agents that will give your skin a lighter shade and helps fade skin discoloration. If you want to whiten skin the faster way, you can always ask the doctor for help. But if you want to save money, you can make your own homemade natural remedy. Here are tips on how to whiten your skin fast and bring back that flawless skin.

Whiten Skin Fast

Whiten Skin Fast

Tip #1: Use lemon juice.

Lemon juice has been used as a bleaching agent to lighten and brighten your skin for years. This is also the most famous natural remedy in skin lightening. Although it will only lighten your skin a few shades at a time, but if regularly used, the subtle result can be noticeable.

Tip #2: Use almonds.

Almonds can soften and lighten your skin, especially if it is made into a homemade facial paste mask. It doesn’t only lighten your skin but it can also clean your pores and make it softer. If you want to make a paste, just soak around 6 almonds overnight and grind them with a milk to make a paste. Apply the paste on your face, and if you can leave it on overnight. The next morning, wash it off with cold water. Do this every day for a couple of weeks and if the result is already noticeable, switch to just twice a week.

Tip #3: Use sunscreen lotion before going out on a sunny day.

This regimen will help you protect your skin from harmful ultra violet rays. Prevent the darkening of your skin by using sunscreen lotion everyday. If you are on the beach or openly in the sun, apply every 30 minutes. Although the sun could provide you with Vitamin D in the morning, it can also damage your skin which causes an uneven skin tone.

Tip #4: You can also use bleaching cream.

This can fade the dark skin on your face and body. There are so many bleaching products to choose from and all of them have different base ingredients. These products can help you achieve the skin color you want to have. Just don’t forget to read the instruction manual before using.

Tip #5: Try the more expensive procedures for skin whitening.

Different medical procedures are also now available like dermabrasion, laser resurfacing and chemical peel. Visit a licensed dermatologist or doctor and ask about the procedure that will best suit you.

Each one of us wants to have a fair and flawless skin. With the different methods and products to whiten skin, the dream of becoming a fair-skinned beauty will never be impossible anymore.

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