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How to Learn about 5 Popular Stretch Mark Therapies

Stretch marks are types of skin conditions that lots of women have to cope with sometime during their existence in this world. The stretch mark manifests within the dermis of your skin and develops as the dermis is distended in the fullness of time, thus resulting to the weakening of your skin’s flexibility as well as the connective fibers within it. Although it is not established as dangerous to your health, it is still ugly to look at. Luckily, treatments for stretch marks are obtainable over-the-counter or through prescription. Learn more about the most popular stretch mark therapies.

Popular Stretch Mark Therapies

Popular Stretch Mark Therapies

Tip #1: When to use moisturizers

When the stretch marks are still in their primary phase, you can lessen its manifestation by means of over-the-counter creams that contain vitamins A and E. These vitamins are considered emollients that function tremendously in remedying as well as taming the skin by lessening the manifestation of stretch marks. On the other hand, these creams are not as efficient as the prescription formula Retin A which performs by means of fastening to receptors of skin cells as well as exfoliating them to permit fresh cells.

Tip #2: Take prescription medicines.

One of the prescription medicines recommended for stretch mark is Retin-A. The main function of Retin-A is to slacken off keratin on the topmost coating of your skin and at the same time eliminate aged cells. Retin-A is considered stronger than vitamin A (a vitamin where it is derived from) due to the fact that it makes the topmost coating of the skin thin in order to increase access to the dermis; the site where the stretch marks develop and intensify the development of collagen. In view of this, the outcome is padding up of the skin to enhance its inflexibility and form, resulting to the fading of stretch marks. You should check with your doctor regarding the correct dosage you will use due to the face that greater doses can direct to side effects like intensified sensitivity to the rays of the sun, tingling sensation, and redness of the skin.

Tip #3: Try Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are plant extracts, but customarily from fruits. They are supposedly useful in lessening the manifestation of stretch marks by means of moisturizing the topmost coating of your skin as well as intensifying the cell regeneration through eliminating the exterior coating of aged cells. As soon as the aged cells disappear, new ones are permitted to come up, ensuing an intensified skin quality and consistency. The moisturizers are also effortlessly soaked up in the fresh skin cells. Another advantage of AHA is that it contains water-binding assets that help intensify the elasticity of your skin and at the same time lessen the manifestation of stretch marks. Using AHA for a small number of weeks can considerably lessen the visibility of stretch marks. However, the outcomes will only endure if you will use the product continuously.

Tip #4: Use laser surgery procedure.

This is an extra costly stretch mark therapy that can only help lighten the stretch marks rather that eliminate them. This method performs merely on dark-colored streaks. However, you will need lots of sessions before seeing the desired result.

Tip #5: Try endermologie treatment.

This requires the use of mild suctioning and rollers for profound massage on the parts of your body containing stretch marks. Its main purpose is to intensify circulation as well as drive out extra water and toxins and at the same time extend the connective fibers.

These are five of the most popular therapies for stretch mark removal. Now that you know all your options, their uses and how much they can cost you, you can finally decide what to use to get rid of those ugly streaks.

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