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How to Remove Unwanted Stretch Marks – 5 Tips to Get Rid of it for Free

Even if stretch marks are not considered grave medical problems, they can be ugly and uncomfortable for a lot of individuals, particularly those who have gained weight and women who had several pregnancies. Stretch marks should not cause any problem to you because they can already be reduced or rid off through the use of costly and abrasive procedures. If you do not want to spend much, you can also remove unwanted stretch marks naturally.

Remove Unwanted Stretch Marks

Remove Unwanted Stretch Marks

Tip #1:  Rub olive oil on affected areas.

Olive oil can be found in your kitchen. You can rubdown stretch marks with this type of oil to eliminate them. Just dispense one tablespoon of olive oil on your sanitized hands and tenderly rub it down on the troubled parts for about five to seven minutes. After the treatment, make sure to wash the parts of your body with chilly and purified water then dry the skin gently to eradicate the extra oil from your skin. You can put on your usual moisturizer when you had already patted your skin dry. This type of stretch marks remedy can be done few times daily, but make sure that your skin will not have any reaction to the treatment.

Tip #2:  Try lemon Juice treatment.

Since lemon juice contains bleaching properties, you can apply it onto the stretch marks to lessen their manifestation and to eliminate them. It is extremely easy to use lemon juice. Just tenderly rubdown a tiny quantity of freshly squeezed lemon juice onto the trouble parts and let it stay for around 15 minutes. Wash the part with chilly water and a gentle cleanser then pat it dry using an unsoiled towel. Follow the treatment with moisturizer as soon as your skin had dried because lemon juice can be abrasive and might cause skin dryness for some individuals.  You can do this treatment few times a day if your skin will not have any adverse response to the medication.

Tip #3:  Scrub with saltwater.

Saltwater scrub can eliminate stretch marks. Simply melt 1/8 cup salt into ½ cup distilled water then tenderly rubdown the blend on your skin little by little until it is vanished. Wash your skin with chilly, purified water and a gentle cleanser. Wipe the skin tenderly to dry it off then put on your usual moisturizer because this concocted treatment can, to some extent, be harsh on your skin thus depleting its moisture. You can do the treatment daily, provided that it will not cause any inflammation on your skin. You can prepare huge amounts of this scrub and keep it in a cool dry place for many weeks.

Tip #4:  Exfoliate the skin.

This is also considered another exceptional means of eliminating blemishes by eradicating the coatings of dead skin cells, thus promoting soft, new skin beneath. Make sure to apply moisturizer after exfoliating your skin.

Tip #5: Try some extra tips.

You can also massage the stretch marks by means of cod liver oil, vitamin E oil, flax seed oil and apricot scrub to help eliminate the blemishes. Another extremely erstwhile procedure of eliminating blemishes or stretch marks is to massage cocoa butter on your skin.

There are indeed ways by which you can enter into stretch mark removal without paying a single penny. The secrets have already been revealed above so better use them to your advantage. After all they are procedures to remove stretch marks naturally.


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