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How to Know about Retin-A Stretch Mark Removal

Retin-A is a topical gel or cream that is a derivative form of Vitamin A, and most doctors recommend the use of Retin-A to treat various skin disorders such as acne and stretch marks. But these should not be taken by pregnant and lactating mothers. A person can develop stretch marks when he or she gains weight rapidly. This will leave the skin with stripy marks on the skin. Using Retin-A for stretch mark removal is so easy as long as you follow and understand how the drug works on the problem and take some considerations for using the drugs.

Tip #1: Know how the product works for stretch marks.

Retin-A can heal the skin problem by increasing the amount of cell turnover on the affected skin. The active ingredients will trigger the skin to be irritated, thus causing the skin cells to die and new ones to reappear. It will also speed up the process in which skin cells die and allow new skin cells to grow.Retin-A Stretch Mark Removal

Retin-A can help reduce the redness that is so visible. Redness in stretch marks is caused by the constriction of blood vessels. It also heals the damaged skin. But according to doctors, stretch marks are frequently resolved on their own once the cause of the skin stretching is done. According to the National Health Institute, no topical creams are capable of removing stretch marks on your body.

Tip #2: Remember that not all people are allowed to take Retin-A because of lots of factors to consider.

Pregnant women who are at risk of stretch marks cannot take Retin-A. Lactating mothers or mothers who are still breastfeeding cannot also take the drug. Stretch marks may also appear to obese person who suddenly loses weight. You are not also allowed to take Retin-A if you are taking other drugs such as antidepressant pills, allergy medications, prednisone or products that contains benzoyl proxide.

Tip #3: Consult your doctor.

Retin-A can cause your skin to turn red and can cause your skin to be highly sensitive to light and other skin products. If you are planning to take Retin-A to get rid of your stretch marks, you have to consult with your doctor and ask about the possible cause of reaction between the drugs you are taking now.

Tip #4: Use it at the onset of stretch marks.

Retin-A should be applied as soon as stretch marks appear. Usually newly developed stretch marks are still red or pink in color. This can also prevent the skin from scarring. But this is so effective to stretch marks that are still fresh (less than a year old). Retin-A is a very good option for those who want to remove stretch mark with few applications to follow. You just need to be patient to wait until the peeling and redness of the skin disappear.

Retin-A can do some wonders to your skin because it can also repair skin while building collagen. This is the one that gives the skin its elasticity and smooth appearance. It also helps in treating other skin disorders such as acne scars and sun damaged by the sun apart from promised stretch mark removal.

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